Min blog september 30 2015

HI minasan konnichiwa,

Today is my last day to work at MAX for  this season. I would like to say thanks to MAX team for your great support and for great team. as we all knows that the time is running  i am leaving on the 3rd of oct to my country (Nepal) i dont have any words to explain of happyness .coz i am going to see my family back there.

. As usual we have done rafting trip at AM. todays customer were from china all of them were first time rafting .i hope they have fun and great time with MAX, so i have uploaded some memorable pictures of the day

enjoy it thank you all

see you next season

untill then take care and byeeeeee.



IMGP7038group pictures of the day


IMGP7044last pictures of the season with tama chan


IMGP7032helping to adjust lifejacket before heading down stream


IMGP7054on the  top of the of the rock at the ryugase rappid




IMGP7081happy faces of the day


IMGP7090after the rafting at the take out point


IMGP7093working as a team to load the raft on the top of the van